UT will launch a study to assess the socio-economic status of women


The government will soon launch a study to assess the status of women in the territory of the Union in order to frame policies and make needs-based interventions based on results.

The Ministry of Women’s and Children’s Development had already launched an expression of interest inviting reputable research bodies and non-governmental organizations to participate in the selection process.

“We hope to select an organization soon to carry out the survey in the four regions of the Union territory. This will be a survey designed to create a database on the status of women. The statistics collected would serve as a basis for the development of policies and intervention programs aimed at empowering women in the territory of the Union, ”said Director of Women and Children’s Development, S. Ashokan. The Hindu.

The deadline to submit the EoI is October 21. The study would be conducted in three to six months, he added.

According to the 2011 census, Pondicherry is the only territory in the Union where the number of women is greater than the population of men. The territory of the Union has 1,037 women for 1,000 men against a national average of 943 women for 1,000 men.

“It is therefore essential to launch a study to know their socio-economic conditions, their levels of health and nutrition, their educational qualifications and their aspirations,” Ashokan said.

A backgrounder prepared by the ministry said the organization selected to conduct the study would focus on collecting details on socio-economic status in addition to collecting details on age of marriage, role in decision making, the discrimination they face and the nature of the violence and abuse they face. , if only.

The mission organization would also be responsible for collecting information on the impact of various government programs, projects and interventions focused on women.

It would also collect details on women’s access to institutions that ensure their security, their representation in local governance, their political aspirations, their level of awareness of various laws, the availability of legal aids, programs and programs, according to the newspaper.

Another essential objective of the study was to discover the freedom women have to make personal decisions and about their felt needs. In addition, the study would focus on women’s knowledge and access to technology.


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