The MPN will take relevant measures to strengthen the health and economic system: Muhyiddin


KUALA LUMPUR: The National Recovery Council (MPN), as joint administrator of the agencies under the Ministry of Finance and the Unit for the Implementation and Coordination of Economic Stimulation between National Agencies (Laksana), will take the measures appropriate to strengthen the resilience of the health and economic system of the post-Covid -19 country.

President of MPN Tan Sri Muhyiddin Yassin(Photo) said Covid-19 had taught the country valuable lessons about the importance of improving and restructuring the healthcare system as well as having a more efficient and resilient economy.

“As president of the MPN, I am responsible for ensuring that all the plans of the National Recovery Plan (PPN), which are exit strategies from the health and economic crises resulting from the Covid-19 pandemic, can be executed as planned and ensure their goals are met.

“To achieve these goals, a whole-of-government and whole-community approach is simply not enough. in his speech at the Diners Club Talk hosted by the National Resilience College yesterday.

Muhyiddin also spoke of the government’s efforts to speed up the country’s vaccination process, which ultimately led to a drop in new cases of Covid-19, many of which were now either asymptomatic or showing only mild symptoms.

He also reminded Malaysians to always prepare for future threats that may jeopardize the stability of the nation and the security of the people.

“The level of preparedness should not only be in terms of defense, but also includes strengthening disease control, vaccine development and adequate support for health and safety personnel, who are our front lines.

“In this new era, we need to define strategies to be mentally and physically prepared in the future to deal with pandemics, and not just to act after a pandemic,” he said.Bernama


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