Saudi women’s participation in economic sector reaches 33.2%


Saudi Gazette Report

RIYAD – The Saudi Arabian Family Affairs Council (FAC) said on Sunday that Saudi women are active participants in all areas of the Kingdom’s development process. The participation of Saudi women, who constitute 49 percent of the total population, in the economic sector has reached 33.2 percent. The council’s report coincided with the latest statement from the General Statistics Authority (GASTAT) which revealed that more than 293,000 women have so far entered the job market in Saudi Arabia.

According to the FAC report, the remarkable growth in women’s effectiveness has come in line with the decisions taken by the Kingdom to help Saudi Arabian women empower themselves and face the potential challenges, and increased opportunities available to them. they have a dynamic entry and active participation in almost all major sectors.

The FAC noted that the most important initiatives and services that have been developed to guarantee women’s rights include modification of the social security system and regulations; expand private sector options for female employment; support women in their work without discrimination; and operate and expand the Domestic Violence Reporting Center and Child Protection. The Family Affairs Council seeks to strengthen the status and role of Saudi families, by identifying the development needs of families in all regions of the Kingdom.