Planting cash crops is one way to improve socioeconomic status, according to pol-sec


Lidam (second from right, holding a hoe) and others plant a young Liberica coffee tree to symbolically launch the business.

KAPIT (November 18): Rural landowners are encouraged to venture into cash crop planting as a means of improving their socio-economic status.

During this call, Lidam Assan, political secretary to the Minister of Internal Trade and Consumer Affairs, Dato Sri Alexander Nanta Linggi, said that cash crops such as pepper, oil palm and certain types of fruits are capable of generate lucrative income.

“I hope to see more rural landowners take the initiative to open their land and start planting cash crops as a source of income. It can help improve the socio-economic status of rural people, ”he said.

Lidam said this while running a coffee plantation business by retired teacher Ayong Andam in Katibas, Song here recently.

He praised the retiree and his family for pioneering the Liberica coffee plantation in Song, saying the decision to plant a much sought-after crop was a good business decision.

“This is the right approach when it comes to deciding what type of crops to plant,” he added.