People of high socio-economic status are more prone to Covid: AIIMS-Patna study | Patna News


PATNA: People of higher socioeconomic status with better per capita income and better education were more likely to catch Covid-19 infection, compared to their less fortunate counterparts, research shows by an AIIMS-Patna team.
The study also noted that Delhi had the highest death rate in the country and Bihar the lowest. The report titled “Socioeconomic Inequalities in National Covid 19 Incidence and Death Rates in India: An Ecological Study” was published in the Indian Journal of Community Health last week.
AIIMS-P director Dr PK Singh, a member of the research team, said the reason for the low rate of infection in people in the lower layers could be due to a better level of immunity which helped protect them from the impact of the pandemic. .
“Our observation of positive cases admitted to AIIMS-Patna also supported the finding of this research that people of high socioeconomic status were more likely to fall victim to the virus,” said Dr Singh.
Another team member, Dr Alok Ranjan, said the Human Development Index (HDI) taking into account health, education, income per capita and other variables was used in the study to analyze the cases of Covid reported until 23 November across the country, including the Union Territories.
“States with high HDI like Kerala, Delhi, Punjab, Tamil Nadu, Haryana, Maharashtra and some UTs have reported high incidence of Covid while those with low HDI like Bihar, UP, Odisha, Chhattisgarh and MP had a lower number of cases, “says Dr Ranjan.
“Put simply, the rural poor, farmers, laborers and slum dwellers have had lower numbers of Covid cases,” he added.
The study mentioned that the morbidity and mortality of Covid 19 is more concentrated in areas with high socioeconomic status and education. He said the study used data from Covid deaths for a lakh of population after looking at variables such as literacy rate, per capita income and secondary education.


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