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People are trying to change the economic system in the wake of COVID

A glance at the Davos man behind the curtain.

“What we have is an initial, publicly and globally coordinated political power campaign to use the COVID-19 pandemic as a launching pad for a global economic overhaul.”

“The main driving force behind The Great Reset is the World Economic Forum and its founder, Klaus Schwab. “(National post, Terence Corcoran, November 20, 2020)

Elected leaders taking marching orders (“build better” or “big reset”) from multinational corporations (World Economic Forum) leads to a totalitarian form of government and the death of democracy.

Stakeholder capitalism has already failed. Companies that distinguish themselves by caring for employees, customers, society and nature have failed. During COVID, “woken up” companies were 20% more likely to lay off their employees and pay 20% more to shareholders than similar companies that had not adhered to the philosophy.

When doing your own research, I implore you to look beyond green washing (environmentalists sold to the World Economic Forum a long time ago) and look beyond empty platitudes and bribes with your own money. There are lists of problems that they say they will solve, but they are light on the “how”.

Yes the 2030 agenda is a real UN document, and Klaus Schwab was kind enough to publish a book COVID-19: the big reset. Here are some quoted excerpts:

He says this (COVID-19) crisis “is accelerating progress towards the 2030 Sustainable Development Goals” (p.248)

“For the first time […] governments have the upper hand. (p.92)

“An important piece of the new ‘bigger’ government is already in place with significantly increased and almost immediate government control of the economy. “(P.92)

“Looking to the future, governments […] decide that it is in the best interests of the company to rewrite certain rules of the game and continuously increase their role. (p.93)

“The role of the state will increase and in doing so materially affect the way business is conducted. […] business leaders in all industries and countries will have to adapt to greater government intervention. (p94)

“We will see how contact tracing has unparalleled capacity and an almost essential place in the arsenal needed to fight Covid-19, while being positioned to become a catalyst for mass surveillance. “(P.153)

“[…]the corporate movement will move towards greater surveillance; for better or for worse, companies will monitor and sometimes record what their workforce is doing. (p.165)

“[…] any digital experience we have can be turned into a “product” to monitor and anticipate our behaviors. (p.166)

“Then, when the crisis is over, some may find that their country has suddenly turned into a place they no longer want to live.” (p.167)

He also truly believes that “dystopian scenarios are not inevitable. “(P.171)

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