Our economy system is a joke – you can now pay 15% interest to see 1 Las Vegas circus show!


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Of course, if you book a show on a visa and don’t pay for it in full, you may well be paying more than 15 percent interest. But the point of this story isn’t that it necessarily makes a bad situation worse, it’s the pathetically small improvement it represents when, as you will read later, there is a much more effective solution.

Ya mate! Yes, as I approach the age of 45 I can finally stop being beaten financially with a sledgehammer and I will now just endure a few footsteps on broken glass!

I’m glad you asked this question.


You can enjoy 90 minutes of intense directing and performance and pay just $ 14 per month, or $ 28 if you want to bring your partner, for the next year of your life.

To break it down even further, in the United States, you have the unparalleled opportunity of your life to spend 90 minutes watching a show and then spending, if you live to be around 80, 1.25% of your life on paying 15% interest for this.

Or another way to put it, you can bear the burden of paying 15% interest on a show for 5840 times longer than you enjoyed!

Murica ‘2021!

We are no. 1!

We are no. 1!

Now, of course, there will be those who complain on CNBC for selling this product. Dealers are always happy to promote the latest razor blade to sort out your snorting capitalism. And I can’t help but realize that something went wrong with a system that paid my late grandmother 1% of her savings, but can somehow use the same federal funds rate, which is almost zero, for getting 15-25 points on his Home Shopping purchases.

And there will be those who will be quick to point out that this tool might allow some people who might not otherwise be able to experience Las Vegas to do so. But it’s like saying economically, “Now that we’ve shortened the blades slightly, the death rate from uncontrollable stab wounds should drop!” “

At the end of the line ? There is another way that hard-working Americans, who absolutely deserve to enjoy their lives, could have the opportunity to go to Las Vegas and see a model: This country could make sure they get paid. something approaching their value.

They might, oh, you know, have enough money to go home and pay off their credit cards right away and not have to go into debt all their lives. They could live without financial burdens and not fear the latest “changes in conditions” from their bank. They could be treated with respect.

They could participate in capitalism rather than be destroyed by it.

But where would be the profit in that?


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