Free State ANC wants economic status quo changed

Speaking to business people and party officials at the ANC economic summit, he said there was much talk about changing the province’s economic climate, but no action was taken to really change the status quo.

He says the party leadership must establish and stimulate an inclusive economy by involving residents, with the aim of advancing the economy.

“Now is the time to build an inclusive local economy. We need to empower communities, to create a resilient economy – and if we are to build on this, we need to build trust to start realizing the potential of creative industries and also to see how these creative industries are beginning to bring social cohesion to society – by creating some sense of responsibility among members of communities moving forward,” he adds.

Dukwana says that while being busy building an inclusive economy involving residents, there is also a need to explain the importance of infrastructure – which could play an important role in the development of society.

The two-day summit will be held on the outskirts of Bloemfontein in the Free State, starting today. The IPC meets under the theme “Building a social pact to accelerate economic recovery and reconstruction”.

The summit brings together members of the IPC, alliance structures, mayors, the Chamber of Mines, higher education institutions, strategic entities and members of the NEC.

In 2021, OFM News reported that the Free State had the second highest unemployment rate in the nation.

The Department of Economics, Small Business Development, Tourism and Environmental Affairs (Destea) announced that it had launched the Free State Integrated Local Economy Development and Transformation Bill. .

According to the ministry, the bill is modeled on the Companies Act 1991.

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