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SEE the article “The caste census can change social equations”; dividing the nation on votes has become the sole aim of political parties to stay in power. On the one hand, we are about to celebrate 75 glorious years of Independence, but on the other, we still want to strengthen the caste system. The government must work to uplift the poor and needy to the level of self-sufficiency rather than dividing them over the age-old caste system to stay in power. Provide everyone with free, quality education and health services to enable them to have equal status. It seems that successive governments actually want to keep the poor poor and remain chained in the caste system. This helps them to collect votes on behalf of religion, caste and society. Take the next census without caste and include the economic status of people for their elevation.

Wg Cdr Jasbir s Minhas (ret), Mohali

NDA for women

On the SC verdict of allowing women to take the NDA exam, the Air Force and Navy acted more liberally. However, the military never gave a standing commission until the Supreme Court verdict. Empowerment of women is the need of the moment and the judgment of the SC will encourage more women to join the NDA.

Rukma Sharma, Jalandhar

Biden’s betrayal speech

Speaking of “Biden’s blame game,” the US withdrawal will go down in history as a lesson in how a superpower does business with the world. Biden’s definition of the goal of the war in Afghanistan as not nation building but the prevention of a “terrorist attack on America” ​​contradicted years of US policy and involvement in Afghanistan. . But Biden’s speech was most egregious when he described the Afghans as a people unwilling to wage their own war. Apparently, the Afghan soldiers who were killed fighting alongside US troops and NATO count for nothing. In Biden’s speech, there was no recognition, even lip service, of the uncertain future that the Afghan people and the entire region currently face. For India, this is a new challenge, because thanks to the American presence, it has built its centuries-old ties with Afghanistan. Pakistan, which has finally achieved the objectives of its Afghan policy with the victory of the Taliban, will want to cut off India’s wings. India has a difficult task to rebalance the equations in the region and beyond, while strengthening security. It will be a test of India’s foreign policy.

EL SINGH, by mail

Vandalism of statues

The statue of Maharaja Ranjit Singh has been vandalized in Lahore for the third time. It shows how oblivious and uninformed people are, especially young people. Ranjit Singh was a secular leader who championed all religions and granted equal rights to all. He was protecting everyone’s interests against the British. Strict measures should be taken against those extremist leaders who influence young minds against the integrity of society so that such things do not happen again. Key Pakistani leaders must speak out and the government must embrace the image of secular leaders like Ranjit Singh by publicizing their goodwill and actions through social media documentaries, news and educational presentations at school and university levels. Efforts must be made to maintain harmony in society.

Harsimranvir Singh, Patiala

Water samples

With reference to “79% of water samples fail the portability test in Muktsar”; samples should also be tested for nitrogen content (urea) and residues of highly toxic granular insecticides such as ‘padan’ (Cartap hydrochloride) and Ferrtera which are used by farmers in far excessive amounts in water stagnant rice fields in Punjab. Thousands of tons of these insecticides are pumped into the ground each year by farmers to satisfy their quest for better paddy yield despite the PAU not recommending their use. These insecticides and chemical fertilizers have polluted the entire aquifer of the Punjab.

Satinderpal Singh, Muktsar

Tax ownership

Regarding “CM announces BDO office in Darlaghat”, as byelections approach, CM leaves out fiscal ownership. The new era heralded by improvements in computer and road networks is expected to require less physical interaction with government offices. After announcing SDM’s offices in Jubbal, Kotkhai and Balichowki a few days ago, BDO’s new office comes as no surprise. No wonder Himachal has the second highest debt-to-GDP ratio among states and that this penchant for lavishness will weigh even more on the tense chessboard. Emphasis should be placed on macro development issues, in addition to the health and tourism sectors.

Gurjyot Singh, Shimla

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