E-learning to drive technological growth in Saudi Arabia’s economic sector

With the start of the academic year, the Saudi IT and communications sector has grown rapidly, especially as the Kingdom has resorted to distance education due to the exceptional circumstances imposed by Covid-19.

Technology companies specializing in providing programs and solutions for electronic networks have seen increased demand for their products for the educational, private and public sectors.

During the lockdown, various government agencies relied on the internet over 95% to ensure business continuity and avoid disruption. The volume of electronic information exchange between government agencies, according to the latest published statistics, recorded 143 million transactions in April, an increase of about 70 percent from the same period last year.

Market insiders say sales of tablets of various shapes and printers have exceeded all expectations. This has prompted large companies to order additional quantities for certain electronics products from international suppliers.

The growing demand for technology is an indication that Saudi Arabia is experiencing a qualitative leap in the public and private sectors, in line with Vision 2030, which, among its many goals, aims to transform the Kingdom into an international hub of the world. information and communication. Technology.

Sources expect the next few days to be marked by the announcement of a number of new investments in the core and support sectors of communications and IT, which will focus on support and assistance. in towers, in addition to telecommunications services.

According to the latest statistics released in 2017, there are around 38,000 towers, with an investment of over $ 4.5 billion, serving mobile phone networks, data services and wireless broadband.

The development of distance education and the growing demand for technology is accompanied by the growth of the digital economy in Saudi Arabia with a performance rate of 2.5% compared to the traditional economy. This announces great investments that will enter the Saudi market through this sector.

The size of the e-commerce market in the world is approximately $ 30 trillion and reaches approximately 80 billion riyals ($ 21 billion) within the Kingdom.

In remarks to Asharq Al-Awsat, Marwan Al-Sharif, an economic affairs specialist, noted that rapid transfers in the field of technology have created new models of learning and self-education, known as name distance learning, which mainly depend on technology and smart devices in virtual classrooms.

Telecommunications companies have been successful, according to Al-Sharif, in providing effective educational platforms. This is proof that Saudi companies have the built-in infrastructure that has enabled them to overcome the most difficult stages during the total curfew period, he said.

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