Collector time | Labuan Economic Sector Coalition Finds Local Covid-19 Maritime SOP “Unacceptable, Inoperable”

The New Labuan Economic Sector Coalition (LESC) released an official statement on Saturday (August 14th) commenting on the latest maritime standard operating procedures (SOPs) for Labuan, Malaysia.

LESC members include various trade associations and organizations including Labuan Freight Forwarder Association, Sabah Shipping Agent Association, Malaysia Offshore Support Vessels Owners Association (MOSVA), Malaysia Shipowners’ Association (MASA), Petronas, Labuan Shipyard & Engineering , Megah Port Management, Asian Supply Base, Sabah Flour & Feed Mills and Antara Steel.

  1. LESC would like to point out that Labuan’s controversial SOP was produced without extensive consultation with stakeholders and industry.
  2. LESC would like to emphasize that the Shipping, Signing / Signing SOP at Labuan should be in tandem with the National SOP used at other ports in Malaysia.
  3. LESC finds the SOP unacceptable, unusable. We conclude that the SOP has developed without a deep understanding of the implication and without considering the important role that Labuan plays in the oil and gas industry and the supply chain in this region, forcing the ship national and international to avoid Labuan as a port of call.
  4. Failure to take corrective action early will create an irreversible long-term negative economic impact for Labuan if the decision remains the status quo within the next 1-2 weeks. The longer we wait, the repercussions will be all the more serious.
  5. Knowing the potential risk affecting the livelihoods of the Labuan community and the impact on the local economy, we believe that JPBD Labuan must be accountable to the public to put the economy of Labuan and the future of the people in danger if they insist on SOPs which do not find the balance between economy and life.
  6. LESC proposes the activation of the “CONTACTLESS PROTOCOL” during port management and operation.
  7. LESC would like to suggest that the Department of Safety and Health (DOSH) take a proactive role and work with the KKM to facilitate the implementation of the ‘Contactless Protocol’ of coalition members as part of the effort to to find the balance between the economy and the life, in particular for the places which reached the collective immunity like the island of Labuan.
  8. We would like to advise the government to reassess its decision and enter into an objective dialogue with the Labuan Economic Sector Coalition to understand our challenges and the proposed solution for Labuan.
  9. Since Labuan has achieved herd immunity to over 90% of its adult population, LESC would like to suggest that the administrator begins to have a different mindset in approaching and managing Labuan in accordance with the spirit of the national recovery plan.
  10. Transparency, commitment and collaboration are essential to make Labuan a model that thrives in this time of pandemic for the rest of Malaysia.

Bunkering publication Collector time previously reported LESC expressing serious concerns over Labuan’s prospects due to the unfair application of the new SOP requirements, which force shipping companies and related major economic sectors to slow down or completely shut down their activities on the island.

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Posted: Aug 16, 2021

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