Cebu business groups and hospitals cited for economy sector vax efforts

VAX FOR WORKERS. The photo shows employees of private companies here taking advantage of the vaccination supported by the Balik Buhay project, a partner of the Office of the Presidential Assistant for Visayas in the national roll-out of vaccination for the province of Cebu, in particular the sector economic or category A4. The PBB commended commercial enterprises, organizations, foundations and private hospitals for offering venues and personnel for the inoculation of economic front-liners in Cebu. (Photo courtesy of Balik Buhay Project)

CEBU CITY – A private initiative helping the national government for the rollout of vaccination since last year praised frontline hospitals, businesses and volunteers on Friday for inoculation efforts spanning the economic sector here.

In a statement released by the Office of the Presidential Assistant for Visayas (OPAV), the Balik Buhay Project (PBB) hailed the frontline doctors and volunteers who helped them inoculate workers at the 17 sites that he supported from April 2021. to March 2022.

“As of March 30, 2022, the Balik Buhay Project has administered a total of 297,593 primary and booster doses to employees and dependents of 3,430 registered businesses, organizations, micro-establishments, and associations of individuals in Metro Cebu’s LGUs ( local government units),” the statement said.

Of 346,565 people enrolled, 136,089 received their first doses and 134,162 for second doses, while 27,342 for booster shots.

OPAV Chief Secretary Michael Lloyd Dino, who has worked with the private sector in immunization efforts for the economic sector, said his office had asked the Interagency Task Force for Infectious Disease Management (IATF) and the Department of Health (DOH) for the mobilization of a private inoculation site.

Dino said the private initiative greatly relieves government front-line medical services, especially those established in LGUs, in inoculating other priority sectors, as the bulk of vaccinees in category A4 or sector economic were taken care of on these private sites.

Companies, organizations and foundations have worked with the PBB to create privately funded sites to help increase capacity for people seeking vaccination against coronavirus disease 2019 (Covid-19).

In July 2021, PBB launched the SalBaBida (Salary and Bonus Assistance for our Bidas) program to assist and encourage nurses caring for Covid-19 patients at 13 participating private hospitals in Cebu at the height of the Delta-induced surge. .

Edmun Liu, PBB Senior Manager, congratulated Cristina Lee Dino Foundation, SM Foundation, Inc., BDO Foundation, LH Foundation, Inc., PLDT-Smart Foundation, Inc., Juanito I. King Foundation, Inc., Visayan Electric Co., Cebu Landmasters, Inc., Cebu Chamber of Commerce and Industry and Century Pacific Group RSPo Foundation Inc. for their support in extending assistance to 993 nurses in August 2021 and 944 nurses during of its second tranche in September 2021.

Liu also cited the help of 17 private medical institutions in Cebu for providing the venue and staff.

The PBB has also tapped Bayanihan Cebu, Inc. to extend its patient care support. Bayanihan Cebu Field Centers provide treatment and care to 679 patients and free collection services to 38,057 people from April 2020 to March 2021. (NAP)